Nickname time!

Brian McCann (I)

Turns out that there’s a Brian McCann out there who’s a comedy writer/performer, notably on the Conan O’Brien show. Where he played Pimpbot 5000, among other characters. There is no way I am not calling our Brian McCann Pimpbot (jersey number).

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  1. I got it! I got it!

    Preperation H Brian. Perfect. You may now close the thread, Mac. No need for any further suggestions.

  2. Actually, Brian already has a nickname. It’s “Heep”, although I’m not at liberty to tell how he got it. You’ll have to ask Jeff Francoeur. ;)

  3. Minor League nickname. He needs a new one, and the people in the dugout aren’t very creative and will probably call him “Mickey” or “Cannie”. These are the people who came up with “Furkie”, remember.

    I’m still planning on Pimpbot 17, or whatever his new jersey number is.

  4. Mac, the search function on the front page now works… you can move it around as you wish…

  5. Did McCann get the call up? I still haven’t seen anything about it anywhere.

  6. He has apparently been “summoned” to Atlanta, but no official transaction has been made as far as I know.

  7. I bet he sits in Atlanta and if Pena gets hurt in a game we send out Orr for the rest fo that game and activate McCann then. If he is in Atlanta we dont have to wait on him to travel from some AA city and miss a flight or get lost going to the park.

  8. Phils just got Urbina for Palanco and a back up infielder. I think we could have given a better package than that! Why did Philly need Urbina? They have Chormier, Wagner and I’ve heard talk about Padilla going to thier pen. Is there a chance this was a move just to stick it to us?

  9. What the hell is wrong with Detroit? Urbina and Martinez to Phillie for Placido Polanco!

  10. It strikes me as a bad deal for both teams. Philly needed help in the ‘pen, sure. But they now they have no choice but to keep sending David Bell out to 3rd every day (which I guess they were doing most of the time anyway).

    Apparently Detroit isn’t ready to concede that they can’t make the playoffs. Although they really have no good reason at all to think they can. I guess that they could tade Polanco again, but he’s not going to be as valuable in trade as a closer.

  11. I suppose it may have been in part a pre-emptive move for Philadelphia. Now maybe we can understand why Betemit got a whirl at second base last night?

  12. If Betemit started at 2nd to showcase him for a trade to Detroit, I think I’m glad Urbina’s already been traded. Urbina’s been a good (very good) reliever, but…

  13. I’m with you on that one. But I can see Detroit playing Atlanta and Philly against one another and that making Urbina more attractive to Atlanta. The bullpen was the Phils biggest problem… well, the biggest problem they were intersted in addressing since they chose to ignore the big, gaping hole at third that is David Bell. So anybody they could be trying to get would have understanably increased value. Of course, that is the kind of thinking that got the Padres stuck with Randy Myers. But UUU would’ve been no Randy Myers.

  14. I live outside Philly , and people are questioning this move big time. I always thought the Phillies biggest problem was starting pitching. Besides Myers(who’s only doing it this year) they have two pitchers who get hit a lot.( Lieber 18 HR’s allowed already, Do you really trust Cory Lidle in a big spot??).This was a definite move to stop him from going to the Braves.But when Worrell comes back where is Urbina gonna pitch??? Ed Wade’s a moron who should have been fired long ago and this is another example.

  15. According to the dolts on Fox, it looked like something with his leg. Apparently they saw him try to stretch it out after going into the dugout. He didn’t look comfortable out there at all, but there wasn’t an “oh shit” moment of any kind at least.

  16. I say we trade Kolb, Kelly “Rally Killer” Johnson, and Brian Pena for a Pitch Back. Does anyone remember the Pitch Back? You would pitch the ball into this net thing and it would bounce the ball back to you… We would just let runners steal bases (oh wait, we already do that!)

  17. Yeah, I’m gonna have to backtrack some on a previous comment that catchers’ throwing ability was generally overrated. I mean, it can be. But, man, Pena looked worse than awful. How does any catcher get anywhere throwing side-arm like that?

  18. Here are some nicknames for the current roster:

    Dan Kolbb – FAT LOSER
    Ramon Colon – COLON CANCER
    Andruw Jones – “Clutch” SMILEY
    Rafael Furcal – STRIKE OUT DRUNK
    Kelly Johnson – HITLESS IN HOTLANTA
    Chipper Jones – OWWWWWW
    Kevin Gryboski – Elephant Man Suckowski
    Tim Hudson – I WILL GET ‘EM NEXT TIME!
    Terry Pendleton – HITLESS IN HOTLANTA II

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