Through techniques I am, unfortunately, unable to divulge, I have been able to contact a prominent American League owner who is, unfortunately, recently deceased. He was very concerned with the American League’s performance in the All-Star Game and wanted to get some things off his, alas, now incorporeal chest.

First of all, I want to congratulate the National League for its victory last night. But I am embarrassed for the American League, for the owners of the American League teams, and most of all for the fans of the American League. The players in this game did not uphold the storied tradition of the American League. It looked to me like they didn’t really care if they won or not, that, that they didn’t have any pride in their jobs. David Ortiz, that’s just a lack of hustle there, you can’t get forced out at second on a fly ball and tell me that you’re playing heads-up baseball.

Look, we lost the game with Matt Thornton on the mound. I mean, who the hell is Matt Thornton? You’re telling me that this is the third-best reliever in the American League? I can think of six pitchers I would rather have had out there to pitch the seventh inning! This is the All-Star Game for God’s sake! You have to go with your best! And Phil Hughes is a good kid with a bright future, but he’s no C. C. Sabathia, and if I were consulted I would have made damned sure that Sabathia was on the team and ready to pitch.

Joe Girardi is a nice guy and a good manager, but Charlie Manuel simply outclassed him last night. We’re paying Alex Rodriguez all this money, and he doesn’t even get off the bench! How does that happen? I think Joe choked, and if he doesn’t do better next time I think we’ll have to make a change in how the managers are selected for the All-Star Game. You’re telling me that Ozzie Guillen would have gotten caught not being able to pinch-run for Ortiz in the ninth? You think that Mike Sciocia would have let Rodriguez rot on the bench?

I know some will say that this was “just an exhibition”, but this game counts! It says it right there! And the American League fans know it! You can’t let the National League grab the momentum, or the fans will start thinking that they should go watch National League games instead of American League games. You just can’t let it happen!

Thanks to the gentleman in question for taking the time to share this with us, if time really has any meaning to him anymore.