Andruw’s Song (It’s All His Fault)

(Pace the Stonecutter’s Song)

Who controls Bobby Cox’s brain?
Who makes Alex go insane?
Andruw! Andruw!
Who makes Furcal play like crap?
Who gives him beer straight from the tap?
Andruw! Andruw!
Who makes Kolb throw bases on balls?
Who makes umpires miss all these calls?
Andruw! Andruw!
Who makes Schuerholz make bad deals?
Who causes pain to Chipper’s wheels?
Andruw! Andruw!

7 thoughts on “Andruw’s Song (It’s All His Fault)”

  1. Mac, stick with columns. But it’s true, Andruw and his patheticness drives me insane.

  2. First rate Mac. Very funny. And in honor of this mometous occaision, we’re havin’ ribs.

  3. Catchy…but ragging on Cox and Schuerholz just makes you look clueless. Hey, let’s go point out what an idiot Bill Belichick is! As long as the Braves are winning every year, people ain’t gonna be buying what you’re selling.

  4. But see, it’s only Andruw’s fault when they mess up. They’d be perfect, if not for him. And the Braves would win 120 games a year, if not for the gold glove centerfielder with the .835 career OPS.

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