– MLB – Recap – Braves at Pirates

I’m afraid I might start throwing things. Shut out until two out in the ninth. Another terrible umpire’s call costing the Braves a run, maybe more. Adam Bernero pitching a 1-2-3 eighth with a strikeout — thank God we saved him from pitching in the Washington series! Chipper in a terrible funk, striking out three times.

Tim Hudson was okay, seven innings, three runs, just like Ramirez yesterday. He gave up six hits, just one for extra bases, but walked three. Not great, but good enough to win if you get any offense. The Braves had four hits while he was in the game.

Good news in that Kelly Johnson finally got a hit, a hard infield single in the eighth. Wilson Betemit continues to be red-hot, going 2-4; Pete Orr, playing for Marcus (routine day off) was 2-5. Other than the ersatz double-play combination, the Braves were 5-27. Their only run came on Orr’s two-strike, two-out single in the ninth, scoring Langerhans, but Johnson flew out to end it.

The Marlins and Natspos are tied late. I hope it goes eighteen innings and Jose Guillen has to pitch. The Phillies and Mets were rained out. Davies versus Mark Redman tomorrow. We’ll also probably find out if Hampton can go Sunday or if Smoltz will start on three days’ rest. I don’t panic, normally, but they have to turn this around soon or things could snowball.