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  1. The Furcal cartoon is also pretty clear. That’s a new explanation for his inconsistant fielding . . .

    I really don’t understand what’s up with the Hampton cartoon, is he crying? There’s no crying in baseball.

  2. I think Hampton is supposed to be sweating the his contract in that one. I imagine the coach(?) is saying something like, “Cripes, man! You mean we’re actually going to have to start paying you to be this average?” It also looks like Chipper is PO’d at Andruw. Judging by the way he’s holding the bat it seems like he’s castigating Andruw over his hitting. The J.D. Drew one is fairly obvious, discarded after one year.

  3. We need a translator. Because it’s an image, all the usual things (Babelfish) don’t work. Does anyone speak Korean?

    That having been said, it’s funny anyway.

  4. I wish someone could read Korean. I’d give about anything to know what Ortiz is saying to Smoltz, or what Estrada is saying to Michael Barrett. I assume it’s something about the sorry state of catchers in the National League that they are considered the best of the lot.

    Even without knowing what they say, these are pretty hilarious.

  5. Here is a rough translation for you non-Koreans.

    John Smoltz (Huge in big games, Steal-Heart)
    I stick it in the middle (of the plate) whenever I feel like it without hesitation!
    ((Russ says “I don’t hesitate either, but the ball won’t go to the middle…; someone off the box saying “Shut up, Russ.”))

    J.D. Drew (One-time use only, Good~!)
    Cox says “Ah, another good use out of a player”
    Other people (presumably other GM and managers shouting “He threw him away! Grab it!)

    Jaret Wright
    (Repair/Transformation Complete – machine whirring sound…)

    Chipper Jones
    (Worst season of his career, still team captain)
    Chipper “I was in a horrible condition…”
    Teammate “still lots of RBIs”

    Johnny Estrada
    one tool player…
    Barrett “Can’t play defense, weak shoulders, no power, slow legs, only thing he has is making contact…”
    Johnny “Still better than being mediocre at everything like you”

    Mike Hampton
    Hitting instructor “What kind of BA is this! How can you come to the Braves and have your BA fall!
    Mike “Wa, Wait. Didn’t you bring me here as a pitcher?”
    Clearly poking fun at the fact that the Braves pitchers are good hitters as well.

    Rafael Furcal
    (Druken Baseball)
    Need I say more…

    Hope that helps you people out there.
    I’ve been enjoying Bravebeat for the past several weeks and glad to contribute (can’t believe I just discovered this website after being a Braves fan for about 15 years…)

  6. Awesome Peter, thank you. I’m going to miss Russ this year, even if he did make me want to pull my hair out.

  7. Thanks for the translations! The best ones were visually obvious, but I like the Smoltz and Hampton ones with the text.

  8. Thanks for the translations. I thought the Chipper one was him saying something like, “worst season of my career!” and Andruw saying something like, “welcome to my statline!”.

  9. Wow, the Estrada one is hilarious. And I like how Furcal is playing with a bottle in his back pocket.

  10. Here is the translation on the second piece

    Title “Trusty Tomahawk”

    Lady says
    “Whether Free Agency or Trade, not sure which players to sign?”
    “Why not go with the Tomahawk brand? Tomahawk is the Major League; Major League is the Tomahawk!”

    Always trusty.
    “We wondered and wondered, but he proved reliable to his standards”

    No broken stuff.
    “I’m happy that he again made over 30 starts.”

    Highest quality guaranteed.
    “To think what would have happened without the Tomahawk… Scary…”

    No position is left uncovered.
    “It’s hard to find a good catcher. Thankfully, we’re getting good use out of him.”

    Once broken players are even repaired!
    “We worried because he was ‘used,’ but he proved very reliable!”

    Trusty Tomahawk-brand major leaguers!

    There is no refund for defective items!
    Milwood: “Wa, wait! Is that why you called me up here!”

    Bottom of the page.
    Aren’t all the other teams waiting for the player sales from Atlanta?

    Rough translation…

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