3 thoughts on “For what it’s worth”

  1. Between the Spurs losing and the Braves getting screwed, I would like to FORGET Memorial Day of 2005 ever existed.

    I am going to be attending the Braves-Nats game again tonight so I will be watching you FOCKER! (umpires).

  2. I came down this morning, looked at the Post sports page, and right there was a huge picture of the foul pole. I was wondering what the Post would say, so, despite all the pain it caused me, I read all the way through both articles. Seems like everybody knows we got screwed, and those who don’t are in obvious denial. Makes me feel a little better. Nobody seems to be equivocating on this one. At least everyone knows the call was wrong. ESPN is calling it FoulPoleGate, which made me laugh. Even if the ball hadn’t hit the pole, it was still fair b/c the pole is placed wrong. Sorry, guys, a lot of people in this area are fairly incompetent. That’s why the government is here.

    I too will be at the game tonight, and I have no idea what to expect from either pitcher. Should be nervewracking. Hopefully the concession guys won’t run out of food this time. . .

  3. Which is easier to build a team around, a pitchers park or a hitters park? Does it matter? Just wondering. I’ve read how the Mariners, Padres and now the Nationals have turned their big pitcher friendly parks to their advantage. I also remember reading how Nolan Ryan’s career was helped mightily by his years in the Astrodome. (of course he was pretty good at Texas Stadium too) Back in the old days, 3 runs were big in the Astrodome.

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