– MLB – Recap – Mets at Braves

That was one of the most bizarre games I’ve seen in awhile. But what else do you expect when Rush Limbaugh is in the house? (Don’t think I’m letting go of that one anytime soon.) Highlights:

  • Raul Mondesi had two hits and scored twice. How bizarre is that?
  • Andruw allowed a ball to pop out of his glove for a homer.
  • Bobby double-switched out Marcus, probably the second-best hitter in the lineup with Chipper sitting this one out, bringing in Orr, just in order to keep Adam Bernero in the game for two innings. And then, Bernero turned into Dan Kolb, leaving the game with one out and the bases loaded after walking in a run. This was assisted by Orr, who botched a probable double-play ball into an error early in the inning.
  • Trailing 7-5 with the bases loaded, Mientkiewicz grounded to Julio at first. Julio threw to second to get David Wright, and Wright slid into centerfield to try and take out Furcal, who threw the ball away, allowing the runner from second to seemingly score to tied the game. However, Mientkiewicz was called out on Wright’s interference, and the latter went ballistic and almost hit an umpire with a thrown helmet, leading to his ejection. It was obviously the right call, but considering some of what goes on at second base these days, I’m not surprised that Wright flipped out.
  • Each team scored on a bases-loaded walk, including one drawn by Horacio Ramirez in the second.
  • Strangest of all, Kolb was allowed to pitch with a three-run lead in the ninth. Yes, a save situation. Kolb, just to be contrary, gave up a leadoff homer to Chris Woodward, struck out Mike DeFelice and a pinch-hitting Piazza, allowed a triple to the immortal Miguel Cairo only because Jordan ran into Andruw who looked to have a bead on it, and then finished striking out the side. Don’t ask me, I don’t get it either.

Horacio Ramirez started and went seven mediocre innings, allowing four runs on eight hits, including a pair of solo homers. Why he was allowed to hit for himself in the bottom of the sixth is anyone’s guess, but I suppose that though they have eight relievers the Braves understandably don’t have much confidence in any of them right now. Anyway, he can’t go around giving up homers, but at least he didn’t walk anyone.

Marcus hit a three-run homer in the fourth, Furcal a three-run triple in the second. Betemit was 1-2 with two walks, one intentional, and scored twice… Chipper, as mentioned above, didn’t play. I understand he has trouble swinging righthanded right now… Chris Reitsma inherited Bernero’s mess and got the needed double play ball, albeit under unusual circumstances. I have no idea who the closer is now, but surely they have to give Foster a shot soon.

Turner South game tomorrow, Glavine versus Hudson. No Chipper again, presumably, if he really is having trouble swinging righty. The Marlins were playing the Phillies tonight, so of course they won, because they always beat the Phillies.