Atlanta 8 New York 6 – MLB – Recap – Mets at Braves

That was one of the most bizarre games I’ve seen in awhile. But what else do you expect when Rush Limbaugh is in the house? (Don’t think I’m letting go of that one anytime soon.) Highlights:

  • Raul Mondesi had two hits and scored twice. How bizarre is that?
  • Andruw allowed a ball to pop out of his glove for a homer.
  • Bobby double-switched out Marcus, probably the second-best hitter in the lineup with Chipper sitting this one out, bringing in Orr, just in order to keep Adam Bernero in the game for two innings. And then, Bernero turned into Dan Kolb, leaving the game with one out and the bases loaded after walking in a run. This was assisted by Orr, who botched a probable double-play ball into an error early in the inning.
  • Trailing 7-5 with the bases loaded, Mientkiewicz grounded to Julio at first. Julio threw to second to get David Wright, and Wright slid into centerfield to try and take out Furcal, who threw the ball away, allowing the runner from second to seemingly score to tied the game. However, Mientkiewicz was called out on Wright’s interference, and the latter went ballistic and almost hit an umpire with a thrown helmet, leading to his ejection. It was obviously the right call, but considering some of what goes on at second base these days, I’m not surprised that Wright flipped out.
  • Each team scored on a bases-loaded walk, including one drawn by Horacio Ramirez in the second.
  • Strangest of all, Kolb was allowed to pitch with a three-run lead in the ninth. Yes, a save situation. Kolb, just to be contrary, gave up a leadoff homer to Chris Woodward, struck out Mike DeFelice and a pinch-hitting Piazza, allowed a triple to the immortal Miguel Cairo only because Jordan ran into Andruw who looked to have a bead on it, and then finished striking out the side. Don’t ask me, I don’t get it either.

Horacio Ramirez started and went seven mediocre innings, allowing four runs on eight hits, including a pair of solo homers. Why he was allowed to hit for himself in the bottom of the sixth is anyone’s guess, but I suppose that though they have eight relievers the Braves understandably don’t have much confidence in any of them right now. Anyway, he can’t go around giving up homers, but at least he didn’t walk anyone.

Marcus hit a three-run homer in the fourth, Furcal a three-run triple in the second. Betemit was 1-2 with two walks, one intentional, and scored twice… Chipper, as mentioned above, didn’t play. I understand he has trouble swinging righthanded right now… Chris Reitsma inherited Bernero’s mess and got the needed double play ball, albeit under unusual circumstances. I have no idea who the closer is now, but surely they have to give Foster a shot soon.

Turner South game tomorrow, Glavine versus Hudson. No Chipper again, presumably, if he really is having trouble swinging righty. The Marlins were playing the Phillies tonight, so of course they won, because they always beat the Phillies.

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  1. “Anyway, he can’t go around giving up homers, but at least he didn’t walk anyone.”

    That’s what Bobby said to Leo after the game about me.

  2. Is it time to start to worry about Chipper’s health? I know there was some discussion earlier in the year about whether Chipper could (fairly) be called fragile – my initial thought was that his previous record would go against him being labeled fragile, but I’m starting to re-think…

  3. Aside from the doctor-shopping, pill-popping propagandist in the announcers booth this was a fun game to watch. Fun since we won, of course. Furcal looked a lot more patient and relaxed at the plate. A good sign.Somebody needs to teach Andruw how to say “I got it, I got it” REALLY LOUD. I’m just glad he had the sense to pull up and not get hurt by colliding with Jordan.

  4. If Chipper had been used as the DH in Boston, like he should have been, he might be playing. I still don’t understand that move and it may haunt us for a while.

  5. The replay showed that Andruw was saying “I got it” as well as holding hit arm out to warn BJ. Luckily, he snuck a peek and was able to avoid the out of control Jordan, who had no chance to catch it. Let me ask you this BJ: what would you have done if you missed it and Andruw wasn’t near by? Well, you would have let the darn ball go all the way to the wall anyway (possibly for a triple anyway) all for the sake of trying to make the highlight reel. We’re just lucky that play didn’t cost the Braves Andruw for 2 months. As I said when it happened, “STUPID JORDAN.” It was also interesting that Andruw did not look amused by Jordan’s antics as he looked at Jordan and pointed at his eye in a patronizing manner after the play.

  6. Everything is clearly, simply explainable about this game.
    Jordan had a flashback and tried to break up a long downfield pass.
    Bobby Cox is in a Kolb-induced slump. It happens to everybody, why not managers?
    Leo is too shell-shocked to rock!
    Stay tuned tonight! No wait, most of us aren’t aliens, we can’t!
    At least we know who to blame now. It’s obviously a vast right-wing conspiracy. Why else would that idiot be on the telecast?

  7. “Andruw allowed a ball to pop out of his glove for a homer.”

    Wow, tough room. For anyone who didn’t see the play, the ball “popped out” as Andruw leaped and reached over the wall. The whiplash motion of rebounding off the wall caused it to come out. It wasn’t a Jose Cansecoesqe play or anything.

    And you’re one of his defenders, Mac!

  8. Fow what it’s worth on the Jordan/Andruw near death experience in the ninth; I did the MST3K thing after the play for my wife, and Andruw clearly said to Jordan, “yes, I would’ve caught it, I’m Andruw F’n Jones!”. Jordan played in this outfield for several years. he should know better.

  9. Bobby was clearly ticked at Jordan, and even more clearly ticked at Kolb. I’ve never seen him pace around the dugout, pulling at his hat before when it wasn’t about umpires.

  10. The Orr move wasn’t so strange. Marcus hurt his back.
    That was the strangest double play I’ve ever seen. It was clearly the right call, unless Wright has 24-inch extenders on his arms to reach the bag. He was just trying to take out Furcal.

  11. All I can say after watching the near collision, at least BJ went and retreived the ball and threw it to the infield, or Reyes would have kept running and scored. Andruw seemed shaken, he didn’t even look around for the ball, or make a move to go get it.

    And I think him pointing to his eye was telling Jordan that “I saw you coming out of the corner of my eye, just in time.” He laughed right after that, so I don’t think he was too upset at Jordan. I think he was perhaps happy he didn’t get nailed by the former DB. He was definitely more upset about not coming down with the homerun ball – he was shocked when he looked in his glove and it wasn’t there.

    And Wright’s move clearly altered Furcal’s throwing motion, he didn’t follow through cleanly, which made his ball sail to Reitsma’s left.

    I won’t repeat what I was yelling at Bobby for putting in Kolb, although he obviously regretted it during the inning.

  12. Sad to say but I was rooting against Kolb last night. When Pete said that Kolb had previously called Estrada out so as to not put the target on the corner because he couldn’t hit it, well that said enough to me. It doesn’t matter if you’re saying it because your ball moves, if you don’t even want to try to hit a target or have any idea where your ball is going, I don’t want you on my team.

  13. I agree with John from Austin on the Jordan/Andruw flyball…I was wondering why Andruw kept running without turning around at all.

    Plus, after looking at the replay, Andruw only said “I got it” once and then put his hand up to signal to Jordan. First of all, he should be screaming “I got it” a few times, and secondly, Jordan won’t see Andruw’s hand up if his eyes are on the ball. Andruw’s a great outfielder but I didn’t understand his actions on that play.

  14. Umm, I’m going to stick by my belief that Andruw bears the least fault for “the incident.” Here’s why:

    1. AJ did yell I got it, at least once; but, I seem to remember it being more than once.

    2. He held his hand up to signal.

    3. He took the time to look for another fielder.

    4. He was on a line that I think would have led to an out had another player not been involved.

    I cannot say these same things about Jordan. The evidence seems to indicate to me that Andruw was at least doing a better job of trying to make what was a very tough play. While I’m glad Brian has heart, he goofed on the angle and should have pulled up regardless of whether or not Andruw was there.

    A benching of BJ tonight under the guise of “injury” would further confirm my suspicions.

  15. Evenn if he is having trouble batting righty, I’d be surprised to see chipper skip a chance to face punching bag Glavine.

  16. I agree AJ wasn’t the one at fault on that play. But he obviously didn’t say that he had it loud enough, and possibly not as many times as he should have for Jordan to hear him. Or maybe Jordan didn’t have his hearing aide turned up. I dunno. I’ll bet Andruw won’t make that mistake again this year. Again, looking on the sunny side, I’m just glad he didn’t get hurt. That is the last thing we need right now.Jordan may have messed up his wrist when he landed. It’s human nature to want to put your hands out like that when you are falling, but it is a really bad idea. The way he gingerly took his glove off after the play did not look good.

  17. Rush was there for a charity event, the entire cost of which (including transportation) he paid for out of his own pocket. Skip and Pete have had the likes of Ted Turner and Jimmy Carter there and fawned over them and no one on our side complained. The profanity was disappointing, but not a surprise. I have read your blog knowing your politics because you weren’t in my face with it, until now. I’d like to believe this post will stay up, but I’m not holding my breath. Good-bye.

  18. Have I ever deleted a post for anything but abusive language? There’s an obvious difference between a Jimmy Carter (a Georgia resident and common sight at Braves games) and someone who has nothing to do with the team like Limbaugh. There is also every difference between a current or former public official and a partisan polemicist, and a certain deference is shown to a former holder of a high office. I wouldn’t have been upset if Newt Gingrich had been in the booth. For all I know, he has been. The Cubs had Reagan in at one time, I know, and I didn’t hold that against them.

    The comparison to the team’s longtime owner who kept them in Atlanta is laughable.

    At any event, I had an emotional reaction to Limbaugh that I would not have had to most any other public figure. I won’t go into the reasons why. I generally do not discuss politics here, and I think the comments over the last day show why. But I did not start this. The Braves did by giving him a forum. If they brought in Al Franken and someone wants to complain about that, fine.

  19. Carter gets a pass because he’s a Georgia resident? Limbaugh has nothing to do with the team so he should be excluded?! PLEASE. I don’t have anything to do with the team, so does that mean I’ll be turned away at the gate? Carter’s more partisan than Limbaugh. Do your research.

    Al Franken’s too egotistical to attend a baseball game, unless it was Air America/Al Franken Bobble-Head doll night.

  20. If he was there for a charity event, he did an incredibly poor job of promoting it. Pete said that he was there as part of a promo event for the new flagship radio station.

    Maybe that’s why he was in Atlanta in the first place. But, really, I don’t think Daryn Kagan could rightly be called a “charity event”… at least not from Rush’s perspective. (and anybody who thinks _that_ comment was politically motivated should have their eyes checked).

  21. Carter gets a “pass”, as you call it, primarily because he was once the President of the United States of America. That really does mean something that, at least most times, has to go far beyond partisan politics. If it doesn’t, then we’re all in a lot of trouble no matter which side of the aisle you’d rather sit on.

  22. Didn’t they have Bush Senior on once when they were in Houston? I know he’s dropped by any number of baseball broadcasts. I wouldn’t have any problem with that, either.

  23. Personally, I hate having any celebrity or politician “drop by” the booth. They are selling something while I’m trying to be entertained. Watch any Fox broadcast in October, and you’ll be sure to see the lead actors from pretty much all of their shows – I keep waiting for Homer Simpson to show up in the upper deck. I know that it is no different fundamentally than adds on the walls or even the old fashioned Ballentine Blast, but it irks me none-the-less.

  24. Said Kolb of his struggles this season, “I think I’ve got a curse or something. I need a horseshoe.”

    Do I sense a Winston comment?

  25. Haven’t we beaten this right wing equine to death yet? Can’t we move on to something more important, like baseball?

  26. Depends on if someone can tell me whether or not I should give up Huston Street for Jose Contreras in my AL league.

  27. Street’s going to get a chance to close for the A’s, sooner rather than later I would guess, and Contreras is riding high…for the moment. It kinda looks like the classic sell high, buy low situation to me.

  28. Oops. I didn’t read the post closely enough. I’d keep Street. I have doubts about Contreras’ ability to keep his head screwed on straight.

  29. Yeah, Street is in a good position and clearly one of the better relievers in the league right now. But, then again, Oakland is terrible and they may take it easy with the kid when Dotel (pre-trade), Kalero and Duchscherer come back. I have a closer surplus, and my starting pitching is absolutely abismal. It’s a good category swap for me, but I’d definitely be buying high on Contreras.

    Sorry for taking over this thread with a non-Brave topic… but it seemed like a nice excuse not to talk about Rush.

  30. It is a keeper league, and I have to think about next year since I’m in the tank. I’ll troll around see what I can get for Batista instead. Thanks for the support guys!

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