27 thoughts on “I don’t believe this s—”

  1. Yeah. I actually turned off the Braves because of him. I don’t think anybody’s ever made me do that. Not even the douchebags on ESPN.

  2. Sign Danny Graves!!!!!!!!!
    Sign Danny Graves!!!!!!!!!
    Sign Danny Graves!!!!!!!!!
    Let Danny Kolb pitch!!!!!!! (batting practice)

  3. I was unpleasantly surprised by that also. I kept it on, though. And I was glad that he kept it pretty much to baseball (I didn’t know that he worked for the Royals back in the early 80s). He only threw in one rather mild plug for his show. Skip was fawning all over him… and you have to think that had something to do with it since he was there to plug the RADIO broadcast.

    Mac – I was dying to see your reaction… and I wasn’t disappointed!


    Oh, wait… Rush is obnoxious but he’s right a lot more often than he’s wrong.

  5. I was wondering what the War Liberal was going to say. I agree Mac… fuck Rush Limbaugh and his bullshit neo-con rhetoric. He should go drop some oxycontin and then voice his support for the drug war. I hated the sound of Skip and Pete placating Rush Limbaugh. Eeck!

  6. I really wish that wasn’t your title.

    I sometimes read this at school…..and I don’t really want that to be the first thing that is seen.

  7. easy on the profanity…overall, i share your sentiments, don’t like the guy.

    however, think you can voice your displeasure in a much better way sans the f-bomb

  8. Mac you’re banned.

    You have no a no tolerance rule for personal abuse in comments, but I guess your rules only apply to others. Have fun and good-bye.

    Downtown ATL

  9. “No personal abuse” is for posters. Personal abuse for public figures is allowed. For Rush Limbaugh it’s encouraged.

    I changed the post title, but I was really upset.

  10. I thought f**king was Rush’s middle name. By the way, does Rush F. have any credibility left to be right (in the sense of right v. wrong)?

    By the way, I change my mind. Not Kolb’s fault; it has to be Andruw’s.

  11. The bottom line, anyone who can polarize a group of people who are supposed to all agree on something – the Braves – is bad for trotting out in a broadcast. Bad decision TBS.

  12. Gee, I had the feeling Mac could say what he wants because it’s his f**king site; much as Rush says what he wants and screens what he wants from his f**king show.

    It does seem odd to be showcasing a criminal drug addict during the period of MLB’s big drug scandal.

  13. Did anyone notice I was wearing depends tonight? Bobby will be wearing them after tonight if he ever lets me in a game again, which is HIGHLY unlikely. I wouldn’t let me in a little league game the way I pitched tonight.

    Did you see him? Rocker never made him pace that much, neither did Wohlers even when he was throwing 75 foot balls. I saw Leo’s hair go gray right before my eyes, which is difficult because he is bald.

    btw, my new nickname is “Dead Closer Walking.”

  14. I agree with the Rush sentiment, but I wish the language had been dropped, especially for those of us minors with snoopy parents.
    Dan Kolb does not deserve a save. Somebody needs to change the rule book.

  15. Hate to say it, but there aren’t any closers out there that the Braves could get that are worth anything. Graves gets assigned, FRod from the Angels goes on the DL, we could go on. Kolb looks like a scared rabbit out there, and the other pitchers have been worked pretty hard lately. Good thing we face Glavine tomorrow night, we’ll need the runs. Foster and Colon will go tomorrow night, Sosa, Bernero and Reitsma are flat worn out, and Kolb is Kolb.

  16. Geez, I thought it was the right-wingers who were supposed to be the ‘haters’.

  17. I missed the game tonight, but am glad the team held on. And even though Furcal had only one hit, it was a big one, and he had the two walks to go with it (that’s got to be an encouraging sign).
    I didn’t see anything on Pena – is there a reason he was playing instead of Estrada? Just a night off for Johnny?

  18. I’m gonna close comments on this one now. Let’s just say I was upset, and that my distaste for Limbaugh is personal as well as political and artistic. Sorry for cursing, which I rarely do, but I was particularly upset.

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