Atlanta 6 Florida 3 – MLB – Recap

So much for the Marlins. John Thomson had another fine start, going seven innings, allowing one run (in the first), striking out four and allowing four hits and two walks. He’s now 14-8 with a 3.73 ERA.

Horacio Ramirez pitched the eighth. He wasn’t especially effective, allowing a run on two hits and a walk, but it was his first major league action in months. Colon pitched the ninth, allowing another run.

The Braves got five of their six runs in the third. Perez and Betemit walked, but Thomson bunted into a double play. But then five straight Braves reached. Thomas (leading off for the second straight game) singled in a run, Green singled, and Marrero walked to load the bases. Chipper singled in two, then Julio doubled in two more. Julio had another big game, 3-4 with two doubles.

Bobby now has 1998 career wins. He’ll go for 2000 against, suitably, the Mets. Tomorrow’s game will be on TBS, but unfortunately Trachsel is pitching.

4 thoughts on “Atlanta 6 Florida 3”

  1. I swear, sometimes it feels as if Steve Trachsel pitches every game for the Mets. We seem to face him all the damn time.

    Nice outing for Thomson, whose ERA is now almost identical to Maddux’s (who’s at 3.70), and with only 6 fewer IP. A good move by Schuerholz.

  2. I hope Bobby isn’t tempted to put Horacio on the post-season roster. Even if he’s healthy, he wasn’t very effective in AAA, and has one inning against major league pitching since May. I’d rather see Dan Meyer than HoRam (or even Martin) but we all know that won’t happen.

    That said, I like Chipper playing the past two games to try and get him 100 RBI. He’s not going to get hurt playing 3rd, we’ve clinched, we’ve got nothing to lose by having him out there – still, he could use a few more real hitters in front of him to get on base.

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