– MLB – Box Score – Braves at Reds

The Braves jumped all over punching bag Ramon Ortiz for six runs in the first inning and a third, then coasted from there. There were a couple of shadows, though: Jorge Sosa’s control continues to be a problem, and Chipper left the game with an injury suffered on defense in the fourth. It is apparently “strained posterior rotator cuff” and he is day to day.

Before leaving, Chipper was 3-3 with a homer, a double, four RBI and two runs scored. McCann got a start and went 3-4 with a homer. Marcus was 3-5 but his hits were all singles so hardly count. The Braves emptied the bench, so by the end of the game Estrada was the only hitter who didn’t get in and Foster and Reitsma the only pitchers.

Sosa walked three and allowed six hits in five innings, but only one run, largely because the Reds kept bailing him out by doing things like hitting weak fly balls with the bases loaded and a 3-1 count. He was all over the place. Of his 97 pitches, 56 were strikes, but it seemed worse. I didn’t have any confidence until it was 9-1.

Boyer, McBride, Kolb, and Farnsworth pitched an inning apiece, each allowing a single. McBride was charged an unearned run pitching the eighth; he walked a guy but also struck out two. Farnsworth got his first Braves strikeout to end the game.

Natspos lost, Phillies lost, Marlins losing, Mets tied and rallying… Ramirez against Brandon Claussen tomorrow, on FSS as usual.