I need my sleep, man

No way I can stay up through this and write, too. Open thread, and I’ll recap in the morning at about 8:30 CT.

4 thoughts on “I need my sleep, man”

  1. I have to say I’m impressed with the recent play of Brave whose name rhymes with “In the zone.” However, as Mac is certain to say, his RBI single in the 3rd probably doesn’t count because he got caught in a rundown advancing to second.

  2. Apparently you’ll have to wait on that, bwarrend. Pop-up to strand LaRoche at second. I take all my praise back.

  3. Ugh. This Thomson finger thing doesn’t look great. Bernero looks good though. Pete Orr gets the backwards K on a pitch obviously outside. Big zone for the kid, who is pitching better as the game goes on…

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