Braves Journal Bullpen

There are two entries in the Braves’ Bullpen; I’m still open to submissions, of course.

Larry thinks that the Braves should trade for Ken Griffey Jr. to play left field. That would be great, except that I don’t think the Braves have what the Reds are looking for (an established star hitter they’re willing to trade) and that I doubt Junior would waive his no-trade clause if he wouldn’t get to play centerfield.

Alex R. comments on the Glavine departure. I’ll take issue with the idea he’s expressed to me that trading for Javier Vazquez is preferable to re-signing Greg Maddux. Vazquez wasn’t really that good last year (10-13 with an ERA only a little better than league) and Greg was very good when he was able to pitch, second in the league in ERA. Yeah, Vazquez will probably still be in the league when Greg is in Cooperstown, but for the next two or three years I expect Maddux will be the superior pitcher.