Site upgrade

I think Merv did a great job.

Anyway, a few points. First, if the site looks off to you or is mostly plain text, try reloading; that fixes it most of the time. There seems to be a problem with the old stylesheet staying in cache.

Second, the old notification list is gone. If you would like entries emailed to you, please either leave a note in comments or send me an email at warliberal (at) yahoo (dot) com. The notification system is new and I might have a false start or two, but eventually should be easier to work with.

Third, you can see all blog posts from Bravesbeat, including Braves Journal, No Pepper, and the Bravesbeat Blog (incorporating Bravesbuzz) on the main page at

10 thoughts on “Site upgrade”

  1. Nice look.

    One small criticism: the line between the post and the identity of the poster makes it look like the identity goes with the next post, not the one actually written.

  2. bamadan’s comment about the line between the post and the ID is a good observation. It is confusing.

  3. I’ll play around with some ideas on this one and see if we can come to a better result. Keep an eye out for the change.


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