Just a note… Even though Andruw’s batting average is just .207, there are four regulars with worse OPS: Furcal, Jordan, Mondesi, and Estrada. Franco as well. Estrada’s actually been a more productive hitter because his OBP is higher — a big fat .299 — but the others have been worse.

Runs created/27 Outs:

Chipper 13.61
Marcus 7.71
Orr 5.14
LaRoche 3.88
Hampton 3.76
Estrada 3.47
Andruw 3.02
Furcal 3.01
Jordan 2.96
Perez 2.84
Langerhans 2.62
Mondesi 2.26
Franco 2.03

What I guess I’m saying is that other than Chipper, Orr, and Marcus, the whole lineup has pretty much sucked. (After his big day yesterday, Betemit actually has a higher RC/27 than Orr, but that’s in extremely limited playing time.) And that yes, the Braves would have been better off hitting Hampton fifth.