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BRAVES POWER LUNCH PRESENTED BY PUBLIX – Atlanta Braves fans will enjoy lunch with Braves manager Bobby Cox, starting pitcher John Smoltz, closer Dan Kolb, and outfielder Ryan Langerhans at Maggiano’s in Buckhead this Friday, April 29.

I really hope Bobby and Ryan sat between Smoltz and Kolb.

7 thoughts on “Awkward!”

  1. i know that smoltz used to be the closer for the braves, but is there any beef that i am unaware of between smoltz and “no fanny, danny”

  2. Just that Smoltz is worried he will win all of 5 games this year as long as KolBB is the closer.

  3. There’s an update to the release:

    Cox is not so sure Langerhans would make it. “Ryan probably won’t be there,” said the manager. “We originally though Brian’s hand was sore so I thought I’d give him the night off. But, I tell you what, that Jordan’s got some veteran penmanship, and we need that support. BJ spent some time in the whirlpool just to make sure he’d be ready.”

  4. Hey are we going to see any new bravesbeat columnist articles or does the site construction prevent them from posting new articles? Its been several months for some of them.

  5. The site re-design will address the lack of articles from the main site. I’ve had to change a number of things to better use our resources here at the network.

    Right now, the layout of the new design is 90% or so complete. I’m currently in the process of updating the rosters/player bios which take a lot of time to do.

    There will be a little bit of blackout on the “blogs” when I switch over to the new software. I’m not anticipating many problems.

  6. Statheads fervently believe that Langerhans’ past performance indicates good penmanship, however Bobby fervently believes that Jordan’s past ‘semi good penmanship’ and scouting reports that he has lost weight in his writing hand and therefore will be able to get back to semi good penmanship gives him the edge over young Ryan.

    Funny JC, very funny.

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