You know the game’s gone long…

When Adam Bernero starts looking good. I doubt it will last for a second inning, though.

12 thoughts on “You know the game’s gone long…”

  1. More torture, Brian Jordan style. Batting him second probably ranks up there with the absolute worst moves ever.

  2. Thank goodness for Chipper’s homerun.

    I guess that’s how a groundball pitcher works: walk the first guy and get a double-play grounder for the first two outs…

  3. Well, the good news is that the Braves bullpen has an ERA of 1.35 after 2 games.

    The bad news is that the bullpen has 13.1 IP after 2 games.

    (The worse news is that we’ve scored only 2 runs in 22 innings, and without Giles and Estrada are offense looks pretty weak.)

  4. Yeah, we thought the bullpen will be the problem, I guess we paid our attention at the wrong area!

    By the way, I think Orr is definitely better than Nick Green.

  5. Roman Colon’s stuff looked filthy tonight; the announcers loved him. Jordan looked awful; struck out looking, GIDP, allowed the Alex Gonzalez double to drop (Chuckie T would have caught that ball in his back pocket last year). Langerhans probably shouldn’t have been bunting in that situation but he sure didn’t help himself earn more PT. Finally, after watching Kolb pitch, I’m less concerned about the stathead “he doesn’t strike out anyone” bleats; the guy throws 95 on your hands. If he doesn’t walk people, he’ll be fine no matter how many Ks he ends up with.

  6. Can you believe that my tiny local rural middle GA cable provider was showing the west coast feed of the A’s and O’s instead of the Braves? Grrr.

    Sounds like, that is, on the radio, that Pete Orr will work out just fine. Who’s gonna get hurt next is my question.

  7. Eddie did have a nice throw down to second tonight. His bat did lack, but he got a gold star in my book for how he handeled the pitchers and that nice throw down.

  8. It’s nice to have an offensive catcher in Estrada and a defensive one in Perez. However, it doesn’t help to not have one that does both.

  9. Bernero looked better, more at ease. They’re obviously telling him to pitch inside to the lefties with the fastball to set up his changeup (his out pitch against lefties) so seeing him hit Pierre and Delgado in back-to-back games is disturbing, but hey, he’s on a .500 team for once now.

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