8 thoughts on “Call me Pascual”

  1. The throw over 3rd was inexcusable. We are back to the days before Smoltz was our closer. Great starters and no stopper. The only other reliable non-Smoltz stopper we had went crazy. I know it’s early, but we just lost 4 out of 6 because of our stellar bullpen.

  2. Dan Kolb is currently the worst pitcher in the bullpen, at least now that Tom Martin is gone. He sucks. Time to turn it around or lose your job, buddy. Just brutal and embarassing. The “closer” should be able to do better than walk the bases full as soon as he comes in the game. OK I feel better now.

  3. We have no closer at the moment, so we’re going to have to score more than 1 run to win a ball game. I dunno, maybe we can turn Kolb or someone else into a closer, but right now we got none.

  4. Before we complain about Kolb, can anyone understand why Kolb was out there in the 10th inning at all?! I meant, the guy threw more than 20 pitches in the 9th already, and the whole situation called for Reitsma to come in instead of letting Kolb goes up there again. Anyone understand?!

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