Okay, there’s a hurricane coming. And, despite me being 200 miles inland, it’s probably going to still be a hurricane when it gets to me. Now, I probably won’t die, but there ain’t no way my power makes it through Thursday and Friday unscathed. I just hope that the outages aren’t too severe.

At any event, I was wondering if any of you guys would like to fill in if I can’t post on Thursday and Friday. (And Saturday, and Sunday…)

UPDATE: Thanks, guys, for the kind wishes and the volunteering. Jeff of Syntax of Things has kindly stepped forward to be my fill-in.

7 thoughts on “Substitute?”

  1. I’d be happy to post if you need a fill-in. I can’t get the TS games on the television, but I can stream them online.

    Let me know,

  2. Let me first tell you good luck Mac, I wouldn’t want to be in your position. I’m from Nashville, TN orignally, and I moved to Athens, GA back in June (Law School here I am), and I wasn’t expecting the rain and wind we got just from Frances a couple of weeks ago, so yeah, you’re in a scarey situation.

    And I’d also like to volunteer to be your substitute, but only if no one else wants to. If anyone else wants to fill in, I’d vote for them before myself.

    OK, so stay safe Mac, and lets hope the Braves can score at least oen run tonight.

  3. Having heaved a sigh of relief that Ivan took pity on South Florida, I now offer prayers and well-wishes to everyone in the projected path. There are many more erudite readers here than I, so I bow to their abilities as far as possibly substituting is concerned.

    Be safe, Mac.

  4. Good luck Mac! My wife and kids are in Montgomery while I’m in Atlanta for the week (job change has me here during the week most weeks). I may be driving home late tonight to beat the storm.

    I still have family in Mobile. They have stocked up with water and a power generator and hope to ride this thing out.

  5. Looks a little better for us inland folks now than it did this morning. Hopefully, it will just be lots and lots of rain, and the biggest problem for me will be missing the season debut of “Survivor”.

  6. It usually happens that way. The projected path of Hurricane Frances had it heading straight towards my location, about 30 miles southwest of Jacksonville, FL, almost guaranteeing 100 mph winds and devestating landfall. In the end, we barely got 40 mph winds, no significant landfall, and a power outage (atleast in my part of town) for 18 hours. Just goes to show you that no one can really successfully project a hurricane’s path.

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