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Braves Journal: July 1998 Archives

Braves Journal: June 1998 Archives

I bash Vinny Castilla for the first time… express surprise at the fine play of Andres Galarraga… Taunt the Mets with the lyrics to Steam’s “Kiss Him Goodbye”… Defend Andruw after the time he was pulled for lollygagging in the outfield at Pittsburgh… Am already moaning about the bullpen… Oppose trading Bruce Chen or George Lombard for Robby Alomar… Treat Mark Wohlers far worse than I ever have Roberto Hernandez… Have gotten bored with individual entries so just do one archive post per month.

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  1. I never was sold on the idea that Andruw was loafing on the play when cox pulled him. It wasa ball that got over hishead and back to the wall, and I recall thinking at the time that if he’d been running hard to the wall, he would have aught it awkwardly and then run into the wall. His runnig speed seemed appropriate for the ball he was fielding *shrug*

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