Part I confirmed


That’s according to the R-Braves, who should know who’s on their roster. There’s still no confirmation on the Martin release, and they might just put him on the DL or something, or even send Colon down and keep Martin.

UPDATE: In comments, JC finds confirmation on the MLB site. I take his word for it; I have too many passwords in my life already.

10 thoughts on “Part I confirmed”

  1. PS – I whole-heartedly understand your skepticism, Mac. I felt it too. The devil mixes his lies with the truth. ;)

  2. Well if anyone doesn’t believe this stuff, Darth Vader himself has written a post in his usual non-condescending tone announcing Tom “great trade” Martin’s release. Apparently, he considers this some form of confirmation of the rumor (which happens to be true) he started.

  3. Glad to see Tom Martin go. Anyone with an ERA equal to the year of the “Black Thursday” NYSE crash that lead to the Great Depression has seen better days.

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