Martin released?

No formal confirmation, but web reports are that Tom Martin has at long last been cast away by the Braves. John Foster was apparently called up from Richmond to replace him.

Foster’s a lefty who made steady progress up the system from 1999-2002, rising from Danville to Richmond to a brief Major League callup that year, where he logged a 1-0 record but a 10.80 ERA. Foster wound up in the Milwaukee system after the season; I think he was part of the trade of Wes Helms for Ray King. (UPDATE: Yes, he was.) Put up 21 slightly below average innings for the Brewers in 2003, then pitched for the Cubs in spring of 2004 before missing the entire 2004 season for some reason. (Maybe he was hurt, maybe he was out of the country.) He can’t possibly be worse than Martin.

12 thoughts on “Martin released?”

  1. thank god! he was the worst. that was the only transaction i felt needed to immediately happen. good move no matter who we picked up.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Ryan. I heard on the game yesterday that he has allowed 7 of 8 lefthanding hitters to reach base. Horrible.

  3. So the Braves finally eat a contract. Should have done it in spring training and given Gabe White another chance. If I remember correctly John Foster had some promise at one time.

  4. I still find this hard to believe from such a penny-pinching organization. Good for them if it’s true, but I’ll wait to hear something official before doing somersaults.

  5. If true, not exactly an awe inspiring move, but it’s hard to imagine Foster, or anyone else, being worse than Martin.

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