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Yes, at long last, I too am an alien; Comcast Tuscaloosa has finally added Turner South to the lineup.

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  1. You lucky chucks down in the South. I’ve always been able to only see the Braves on TBS here in Arizona. Although they seem to be televising more games than last year, any truth to that?

  2. I think TBS is getting less, maybe 80 or so. Maybe it’s just that they focused them even more on April/May and August/September, though. I can’t remember. How long before Comcast Nashville gets it? Or maybe Bellsouth?

  3. Even better, Mac, Charter in Homewood is finally offering the Extra Innings package…mmmmmmmmmmm.

  4. I think that there is less on TBS. Last year they decided to become the Sex in the City channel. I’m not sure what HBO series they bought to screw up my baseball season this year.

  5. In June TBS relaunches their “very funny” tv lineup, Also that stupid Gilligan Island reality crap starts up again this summer. TBS just seems to slowly push the Braves away every year.

  6. TBS definitely cut back, forcing me (up here in NY) to get the Directv MLB pass. Then you get all those Turner South and Fox SrotsSouth games. The only problem — my wife sees ads for some show called Junkin’ that she thinks she wants to see and is annoyed that all I can get on Turner South is baseball.

  7. This is off-topic, but what’s with all the acrimony here of late? Are we all really that anxious for the season to start? Well, I guess I am, so that makes sense :)

  8. My unofficial count from the Braves’ schedule on mlb.com: 56 TBS, 54 Turner South, 22 Fox Sports South, 16 TBS Xtra, 9 Fox Saturday games, and 1 ESPN Sunday night game.

  9. What’s TBS Xtra? Are those on TBS? I remember something last season where they had extra graphics and guest announcers and some other “Xtras”, usually on Friday nights, I think.

  10. Andy,
    Just really Friday night baseball with some how to clinics from the players or a personal piece about something they like to do. Last season they had guest announcers like Dale Murphy, Ryne Sandburg and other guys. This season they’ll have Ron Gant as the permanent 3rd guy in the booth. Charlie thanks for the unofficial count. If this season is like last TBS will go heavy early in the season then suddenly disappear in the middle (which sucked last season because TBS disappeared when we got hot and started running away with the division) and then reappear towards the end. I live in Columbus OH so TBS is my only conduit to Braves TV. I am going to make a point to try to get to a Clippers game this season when the RBraves are in town. Hopefully get to see Marte and see what the fuss is about.

  11. I hate to admit it, but I actually like a lot of the shows on Turner South (Junkin’ included). I just hope there is no Ceelo (sp?) commercial this year. I get TS with my Direct TV package in TN. Is this not an option all over the country?

  12. The MLB Extra Innings package (which averages about a dollar a day) gets almost all the Fox Sports South and Turner South games. Also, some Braves games that are not available through a Braves’ outlet are picked up on the opponents’ broadcasts. For a fan outside the South, like me, it’s a necessity. If you can afford it, it really is a good package for baseball fans.

  13. Thanks, Johnny. I live in Virginia, so all I get is TBS (MLB Extra innings is out of my budget). If the Nats ever get a TV deal, I’m hoping I’ll get it, which will get me a few more Braves games during the year. Right now, I get Orioles on CSN.

  14. The acursed unbalanced schedule limits my viewing choices even more since the Braves only see the Reds for 3 games. Direc TV and MLB Extra our not on my spending priority list either. I guess when TBS screws me again this summer I’ll have to depend on Fox (gag) or ESPN to show me the Braves.

  15. If you have Verizon DSL it comes with MSN Premium which gives one free access to MLB-TV.

  16. There is very little that upsets me more in life than the way TV networks carve up games in ways that disallow fans from acros the country to see them. This applies to any sport.

    That is all.

  17. TBS’s hands are tied a little by the FCC (or whoever) who won’t let them broadcast more than 90 or so games. Of course, they aren’t even approaching that this year…

    TS is a clever little workaround.

  18. Are you sure it’s the FCC limiting the broadcast of too many games on the channel. I thought it was MLB specifically and their desire to limit the use of club cable channels such as TBS/TS, NESN, YES in broadcasting all the games (and subsequently hiding revenue)

  19. My understanding is that when TBS switched from being a Superstation to being a cable channel, it became subject to MLB’s deal with ESPN, which limited the number of Braves games TBS could broadcast. IN fact, as I recall, TBS had to negotiate with MLB (and ESPN, I assume) to carry as many games as they do. I believe the limit is 90. The FCC doesn’t have anything to do with it.

    TBS, though, seems to be going out of it’s way to alientate Braves fans, which is infuriating considering there would be no TBS without the Braves in the first place. There is no rhyme or reason to what games they carry; sometimes games you would think would surely be on TBS are not and then games you think would be a waste of time (eg., West Coast night games) are.

    Oh well, I have tickets to three Braves games here in Washington. I hope they are three that are not being televised!

  20. There is something else that ticks me off. Last year I finally got high speed internet access. I was planning on listening to the Braves on WSB over the internet since I live in Ohio. Unfortunately, they are not allowed to broadcast games over the internet anymore either, because they are “the property of MLB”. Just another way for MLB to screw the fans in the name of money.

  21. Buckeye BravesFan,

    Last year, I purchased the MLB internet package for all the games; it cost $14.95 for the whole season and you get all the games for each day. I know it sucks to pay for it, but, let’s face it, that’s the business and that’s one of the ways that MLB is going to help the disparity in revenue between teams.

  22. I’m in the same boat as some of you. I live in the Cincinnati area, but am a Braves fan. I found a site that listed a total of 73 Braves games that TBS was carrying this season. When TBS was a superstation, it carried the maximum of 120 games allowed. ‘Bripeace’ is correct; when Time-Warner bought Turner’s properties and made TBS a cable network, it was subject to MLB rules and had to negotiate with ESPN. To make matters worse, TW doesn’t give a damn about the Braves, but that’s another matter. I’m thinking of buying the MLB-TV internet package for the rest of the season at $49.

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