Braves 11, Indians 6 – MLB – Recap – Indians at Braves

Mike Hampton went five, allowing two in the first, seven hits, a walk, and no strikeouts. Midseason form, I see. He did hit another homer. Kyle Davies continues to show he’s not ready, allowing four runs in three innings; Blaine Boyer finished, somehow managing to allow two hits and two walks without giving up a run. Davies and Boyer were cut after the game.

Andruw hit his fourth homer of the spring, and Roosevelt Brown had three hits. Langerhans was 1-2, Jordan didn’t play.

2 thoughts on “Braves 11, Indians 6”

  1. Hampton’s propensity for giving up first inning runs is nerve racking. If he could stop his first inning woes, he could win 18 games easy. I thought that he was looking pretty good this spring, but it looks like he might be going back to being the same old Hampton. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed, I guess.

  2. Andruw hit two more jacks today. He’s on a tear just like Drew was last spring break. If he gives us that level of offense and plays a good CF, he could win the MVP award if he were in the AL. Ahh, spring, where rampant speculation is so very, very easy.

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