Bleah. Talk about bad memories. The Braves couldn’t do much of anything with Kerry Wood, while the Cubs could do some things with Russ Ortiz and a lot with Will Cunnane. Ortiz was okay, seven innings, four runs — if nothing else, a big improvement on his first start. But Cunnane gave up six runs in two innings of work to let the Cubs put the game away. I wonder if Trey Hodges was paying attention.

Kerry Wood struck out eleven Braves, including seven in a row at one point. With the Cubs scoring single runs in each of the first three innings, he wasn’t pressed very hard. The Braves did have runners on second and third with nobody out in the third, but that’s when the strikeout streak began, and they didn’t wind up scoring until the seventh.

Furcal didn’t play and LaRoche was limited to pinch-hitting duty. (He failed; Julio was 2-4. Uh-oh.) And Chipper left the game with a “mild hamstring pull”. Just terrible all around… The Braves now face the Mets again for three in Shea for one of the most stupidly scheduled series you’ll see; a day game tomorrow, then an off day, then two night games.