I really don’t care that much

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The Braves lost a pair of split squad games, one to the Phillies and one to the Tigers. The Phillies loss is more disturbing; they lost to the Tigers because a bunch of pitchers who have no chance of making the team gave up a bunch of runs. They lost to the Phillies because Tom Martin gave up two runs and Danny Kolb one. Perhaps even more disturbingly, Jonathan Scheurholz was allowed to play in the Phillies game, so the Braves continue to pretend he’s a prospect. Andruw hit two homers in the Tigers game, and Ardley Jansen (another native of Curacao) a three-run job in the Phillies game. Langerhans was 0-4, Jordan 0-3. Get that outfield glove ready, Andy.

One thought on “I really don’t care that much”

  1. I’m not to worried about Junior getting some hacks. I mean, Dioury Hernandez jumped in a game the other day as well.

    Actually, I think it’s kind of neat that the Braves give some of these extras a chance to get into a game. I don’t think it says much about prospect status.

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