Atlanta 8, Tampa Bay 2 – MLB – Recap – Braves at Devil Rays – 06/27/2003

Horacio Ramirez, stopper. Obviously, he got some support, but he gave the Braves their first good start since the last time he pitched, struck out eight, and won his sixth straight decision. After Ramirez went 6 2/3, the grizzled veterans Bobby trusts — Gryboski, the returning Boom-Boom Bobby (Jason Marquis returned to Richmond), and Holmes — finished the game unscathed. Hernandez, amazingly, went an entire inning without allowing a run. Call Ripley’s.

The Braves jumped ahead in the second with four runs, one on a wild pitch and the others on a bases-loaded double by Furcal. Chipper was the hitting star, going 4-5 (starting 4-4) with a homer. Sheffield and Andruw also homered, bringing back memories of a few weeks ago when the Braves offense was really clicking. Then again, it was the Devil Rays. (To be fair, Jeremi Gonzalez is a good pitcher, or has been one this year.) Every Brave starter who wasn’t Vinny had a hit, including Darren Bragg, who started in left field, with Chipper DHing. Why Matt Franco couldn’t have started in left, I don’t know.

It was Bobby’s 1500th win as Braves manager. He goes for 1501 tomorrow night, but unfortunately Reynolds is pitching. The Devil Rays have their other good starter, Victor Zambrano, going.

6 thoughts on “Atlanta 8, Tampa Bay 2”

  1. I would look for Bragg in left all weekend (or maybe in right for Sheffield), because you just know Bobby is thinking that a good series could push Darren back over the .200 mark. Talk about wishcasting.

    I saw Victor Zambrano pitch in Houston a few weeks ago, and he held the Astros to two runs in eight innings (actually both runs scored in the second), quite a feat in the Juice Box. He’s got good stuff, every bit as nasty as his namesake with the Cubs.

  2. Kinda surprised you didn’t mention Javy’s three walks, a season high. He got on base four out of five plate appearances, quite a feat for him even in his best of days.

  3. OK, let’s go ahead and expect to see Darren Bragg in left through this weekend. Let’s also assume he continues to fail at the plate. Can’t we then just give up on him? Surely there’s a capable backup outfielder floating around out there. I know Rickey Henderson could walk as many times as Bragg can get a single.

  4. The Braves have three outfielders in Triple-A — Bo Porter, Damon Hollins and Donzell McDonald — who could out-hit Bragg. And don’t look for them to bring in Henderson. He’s got a reputation for complaining when he’s not playing and there’s no way the Braves would put up with that. Plus, his clubhouse card games would be a “distraction.”

  5. Just read in the AJC Braves notebook that Dontrelle Willis is pitching Wednesday! That means the game will be on Fox SportsSouth and most of us will get to see it!

  6. I knew I forgot something. Yes, Javy — despite “strike three” on thursday — is showing some patience at the plate. Or is being pitched really carefully. Either way, the walks are a good sign. Be even better if Vinny and Bragg weren’t up after him.

    Free Donzell McDonald!

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