Hudson likes Braves’ pitch |

With a few days left until the March 1 deadline Hudson set, the Braves are apparently pretty close to re-signing him. The deal would be through 2008 for about $11 million a season, with two option years at the end, the options based on meeting innings pitched standards. Hudson’s agent says that “It’d probably be toward the end of the weekend or early next week before we could finalize anything.”

8 thoughts on “Stay!”

  1. As a Phillies phan, I am less than pleased, but the baseball-in-general fan in me knows this is good news. It makes for a great story.

    Congratulations guys, hopefully Lieber will take it easy on him…

  2. Indeed, Mike Hampton is a good man. However, when you’re as overpaid as he is, one would be inclined to believe he should be required to contribute to society in this manner.

    In all seriousness, I have great news about Tim Hudson. I finally picked up MVP Baseball 2005 and in my Owner Mode, I signed Tim Hudson to a three year, $18 million extension. Now, we all know video games are identical to real life, especially considering Christ Reitsma is actually effective, and I made a Mike Hampton (oooh, irony) trade for Randy Wolf and I didn’t have to send any of the $15 million salary he was owed for the next four years. So, Tim Hudson will be signed for $6 million per and everything will be fine. Alright guys, I’m sorry for wasting your time…

  3. Got my hopes up high! Mac, could you please tell us your recommended method of avoiding the ajc registration system?

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