Seanez gets Braves offer |

I don’t know. He’s 37 now, but Rudy Seanez is as good of a pitcher now as he’s ever been. His 2.67 ERA last year was a career best, and before you say “San Diego Park Effect” his ERA+ of 143 was also a career best. (He only allowed one unearned run, so it wasn’t that either, and allowed nine of 29 inherited runners to score, a good ratio.) He also set personal best for innings (60 1/3) and strikeouts (84). For one year, he’d be a good pickup, but the Red Sox are also bidding (the Devil Rays too, but come on) and the Evil Empire is also mulling a bid.

Also there’s talk of Jeff Conine. The Orioles have already offered him a contract, because they don’t have enough first base/outfield/DH types yet, but Conine would be a great platoon partner for LaRoche. And if he’s really worried about playing time, Schuerholz should just sit him down and tell him that LaRoche has lost his job each of his first two seasons and if Julio Franco wasn’t too old to play every day, Adam might not have gotten it back.