8 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Hank!”

  1. I know the cubs are looking to dump him, but I can’t imagine they would be that dumb. Here’s hoping, though.

  2. I’m looking forward to a bounceback year from Reitsma — it was obvious that his confidence was shot at the end of last year, but also obvious was a 94 MPH fastball and a curve described by some (before last season) as among the best in the league. He’s obviously capable of better, and I doubt he can do much worse. Still young, too. A lighter workload early in the season might pay dividends later on — I hope we keep him.

  3. His fastball may be 94, but it’s straight as a string. Until he can fix that, the only bouncing he’ll be doing is bouncing from job to job around the league.

    Hopefully, Leo can fix him. And hopefully he’ll take instruction because he really needs it.

  4. Even if his fastball doesn’t cut, I still maintain that he can be successful. A “straight” fastball can still be effective if you can spot it, and Reitsma has decent control. Plus, it’s not like he’s Billy Koch out there — he has more than one effective pitch. Relievers are notoriously difficult to predict from season to season, and I saw Reitsma be effective often enough to think he has promise. He’s not a bum.

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