Some sociopath — that’s all it is, there’s no gain here for him — has been sending trackback spam to this site. The identifying url is always simply I’ve been forced to block this, though I’ll probably remove it in a few days. I don’t know of anyone who does have a geocities site, but if you do, don’t list in in your comments or your comment will be blocked. Sorry for any inconvenience.

5 thoughts on “Geocities”

  1. You have MT-Blacklist installed now? It would still have to block all Geocities sites. Serves them right for not getting their own domain, really.

  2. Braves signed Gabe White — 1 year, $600,000. Seems pretty fair to me. Maybe now they won’t use Martin as a LOOGY.

  3. Martin would be better than White as the Lefty-Specialist, White was atrocious last year. However, Martin may have only looked better because he was on Mazzone’s staff. Having two of these guys certainly gives us options, but with dangerously low expectations.

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