I think I’ve made it clear that I’d like for the Braves to get Austin Kearns, and that Brian Jordan is a very, very bad idea. Danny Bautista, who has also been mentioned, is apparently close to signing with the Devil Rays. I’m now just looking through rosters trying to figure out who else might be available relatively cheaply.

Craig Wilson, Pirates — Somebody mentioned him a couple of days ago. I mentally discounted it, but looking at the Pirates roster, it seems possible. The Pirates traded for Matt Lawton, and already have Jason Bay in left. They seem committed — well, someone should be committed — to the legendary Tike Redman in center. Wilson would either have to shift to first, displacing Daryle Ward, or be traded. Wilson, offensively, is pretty much Brian Jordan when Jordan was good, or as good as he ever was — mediocre against righthanders, death to lefties.

Randy Winn, Mariners — He’s been mentioned as a trade target on a number of occasions. Tweener, a natural fourth outfielder who can’t really play center and doesn’t have the bat for left, but he’s better than replacement level at both positions. Does lots of things acceptably, nothing really well, would be better than Jordan or a lot of other guys I’ve seen rumored.

Craig Monroe, Tigers — Top backup at all three outfield positions, the Tigers might look to unload him after he stupidly tried to steal a $30 belt, plus he’s about to get expensive. His line from last season (.293/.337/.488) is good but screams “fluke”. May actually be Jacque Jones in disguise. The Tigers are so dumb that they picked up DeWayne Wise.

Matt Stairs, Royals — It’s been a couple of months since I’ve called for the Braves to pick him up, so I’ll mention it again. Not what he once was, but he can still hit a little and do it cheaply. The Braves would never ever ever use him everyday in right field, and if they did Terrence Moore would have a heart attack. So it’s worth doing just for that.

Frank Catalanotto, Blue Jays — Another guy I’ve seen mentioned, an ex-superutility man who’s had some good years and a lot of injuries, and his power vanished last year. Signed to a two-year extention in September, apparently to be a utility player again since the Jays have Wells, Rios, and Gross.

Ryan Klesko, Padres — Might also kill Terrence Moore. Ryno’s numbers last season aren’t as bad as I thought. Well, his power vanished, as he hit only nine homers, but he posted a .399 OBP. Klesko for leadoff! The Padres don’t seem to have a place for him anymore.

Jerry Hairston Jr./Tim Raines Jr., Orioles — Because they didn’t give Gary Mathews Jr. enough of a chance. The Orioles have a bit of a logjam in the outfield if everyone’s healthy. Jay Gibbons is going to be in one outfield corner, Larry Bigbie in the other, and Luis Matos is going to be in center. They have a number of other guys who really aren’t all that good but won’t kill you. Hairston doesn’t have outfield power but can get on base, and would make a nice #2 or #8 hitter. Little Rock takes after his mother.