– White Sox sign Dye

It’s a two year deal, $4 million this year and $5 million next, with the White Sox holding an option to either pay him $6 million in 2007 or give him $1.15 million to go away. That would seem to set the market for the second-tier outfielders, but remember that the White Sox are kinda dumb.

I was never wild about the Dye option, because he’s a player who relied more upon his athletic ability than anything to thrive, and a lot of that athletic ability is gone since his injury. At any rate, the Braves’ options in right field have narrowed. Unless there’s a trade in the works, the Braves are looking at Langerhans or shifting Marte there. The remaining free agents in the Braves’ price range would be, I think, Moises Alou and Richard Hidalgo.