So much for that option – White Sox sign Dye

It’s a two year deal, $4 million this year and $5 million next, with the White Sox holding an option to either pay him $6 million in 2007 or give him $1.15 million to go away. That would seem to set the market for the second-tier outfielders, but remember that the White Sox are kinda dumb.

I was never wild about the Dye option, because he’s a player who relied more upon his athletic ability than anything to thrive, and a lot of that athletic ability is gone since his injury. At any rate, the Braves’ options in right field have narrowed. Unless there’s a trade in the works, the Braves are looking at Langerhans or shifting Marte there. The remaining free agents in the Braves’ price range would be, I think, Moises Alou and Richard Hidalgo.

14 thoughts on “So much for that option”

  1. I don’t think the Braves will go into the season with a Marte/Langerhans platoon. One of the things Braves management has almost never done is to go into the regular season without trying to balance their lineup with lefty-righty power. I figure that the Braves will go after Burnitz, with guys like Matt Lawton, Jay Gibbons, & Jose Cruz Jr. as possible trade targets. All of which makes me say .

  2. I’m ok with this development. Dye has not impressed me in quite a while. I just hope we don’t get Hidalgo. If Marte could pull of a Miguel Cabrera impersonation I will be happy.

  3. I’m kinda relieved that Dye has been signed by the Chisox. Wow! are they in for a downer going from Ordonez’s production to Dye’s. The bummer is that leaves Hildago as distinct possibility for us. Crap. Of course there will be more once the non-tender free agents hit the market. Does anyone know if any of the potential non tenders look decent?

  4. There’s talk Erubiel Durazo will be non-tendered, but he doesn’t seem like the Braves’ type of player, even if you’re willing to live with his defense.

  5. Bravescenter is reporting that Julio has re-upped for one year. No figures yet, but it can’t be too much.

  6. Andruw and Charles will be playing the outfield by themselves if we take Moises. He can hit, but his effort always left something be desired. He does not seem like a Cox type player.

  7. And he can’t even really hit outside of Wrigley, either. Look up his home/road splits sometime, they’re enlightening.

  8. I can live without the return of Jermaine Dye. I don’t even think right field, or offense for that matter, is the Braves’ real concern at this point.

  9. I was hoping to get Dye back. I don’t care for Alou or Hidalgo. I always thought Larry Walker would be a good Braves player, maybe another trade w/St. Louis before the season? Just a thought.

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