Arbitration deadline looms

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It’s tonight at midnight. Reportedly, the Braves will offer arbitration to Drew and Wright, but not Byrd or Ortiz. They’re negotiating with Byrd to re-sign him, so we’ll know about his future with the club in the next few hours, probably.

Not mentioned is Julio Franco, but I assume that the Braves will do what they have in the past, offer him arbitration then sign him to a minor-league deal later in the process (if he can’t latch on with a major league deal elsewhere).

This doesn’t affect players not eligible to file for free agency. The deadline to tender contracts to them is December 20. I haven’t heard one word on if the Braves might nontender someone. (I thought Reitsma and possibly DeRosa would be let go.)

5 thoughts on “Arbitration deadline looms”

  1. The Yankees just signed Jaret Wright for 3 years, $21 million. It would figure that this would happen, but it’s still sad to see him go.

  2. I guess JS is absolutely tired of playing games with Boras. I mean, he is not even offering arbitration to Drew…now we will have to see what JS will do next.

    Wright for 7M per….that’s insane…on the other hand, it is quite a bargain if you compare Wright’s contract with Benson’s…

  3. For $21M, the Empire can have Wright. No way I take that risk. Can’t blame Wright, though. As much as I think it would be miserable to play in NY, someone who had as rough a time as he did prior to 2004 can’t afford to pass up a payday like that.

    I think you’d have to offer Drew arbitration — any word on whether they did? I am boycotting AJC.

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