Macay McBride called up

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I don’t know; I don’t think he’s as good of a pitcher as Chuck James, but he’s more advanced and doesn’t have James’ personality problems. He’s lefthanded, so that’s why he’d get the call over Lerew.

The good for McBride is that he’s struck out 42 in 41 innings in AAA. The bad is that he’s walked 22 and and allowed a .282 BA. His ERA is 4.17, which is actually better than Davies’.

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  1. Chuck James era at AA is 2.66 where he is 6 and 1 67.2 innings 52 hits 15 walks and 84 k’s

  2. McBride is destined to be a reliever(LH SM)….James and Lerew aren’t going to be wasted in the pen this yr unless it’s september and their season in the minors is over…

  3. James is an old 23 so why not bring him up? Maybe they are trading for someone else.

  4. They aren’t going to call up James this season unless they trade someone in the rotation. I’d love to see him in there over Sosa, though.

  5. James is a starter. Bobby has shown that he’d rather leave a future starter down in the minors then bring them up into the pen. This is good longterm planning. McBride has only made one start at AAA, the rest of his appearances have been in relief.

  6. I wonder if we are going to get Embry and send him to AAA to see if he is ok, then call him up, thoughts?

  7. Strange. We are now trading away veterans to call up fringe prospects to fill in backup roles. If I didn’t know better I would think that our minor league affiliates have been infected with the plague and JS is calling up anyone worth anything to save them from a certain, painful death.

    Is this just an elaborate way to save $300,000?

  8. Just guessing, but I think McBride is only up until another move happens, and the deal was partly to clear 40-man roster space. They needed to clear a spot for Thomson when he comes off the 60-day anyway.

  9. Good Luck to the Nationals their next seven look like this:

    Oswalt Clemons Backe Pettite Hudson Hampton
    and Sosa

    this is depending on whether or not Hampton will be ready..

  10. I am with Mac on this one.

    Clearly, the Braves salary dumped Gryboski (fine by me!) to get another veteran in there, perhaps two other veterans if tby the luck of God they could move Kolbb.

  11. This is a good move both in terms of long term and short term. Gryboski is getting quite expensive and we have to get rid of him eventually this off-season. So, we are getting “something” in return instead of non-tendering contract to him.
    Besides, Gryboski’s role can be easily replaced by Brower and Boyer now that Kolb seems to do ok with the set-up role. So, Gryboski is quite expandable.
    Also, this gives us a little time to see if we have an in-house solution on finding the second lefty in the bullpen. If McBride doesn’t work out, then we can still go get…er…Mercker…or other alternatives.

  12. James apparently got in a fight with another Braves prospect, Matt Esquivel, prior to the Sally League All-Star Game last year. He was suspended, a planned promotion to Myrtle Beach cancelled, and sent back to Rome. I believe there may have been other incidents, but that’s the one I’m aware of.

  13. Actually, Chuck AND Matt got in fight, but not with each other. It was with the manager of another team who had repeatedly goaded them and started the fight. Chuck has a great personality and Matt is one of the finest team leaders I’ve ever seen. Yes, they both should have walked away, but after knowing them, you could understand why they didn’t.

  14. Just for the record: James also tried to jump from a roof into a pool the day before the draft his draft year and missed, hurting both his arms. I’d venture to guess he had more than a little too much to drink too. He wound up dropping 15 rounds, costing himself alot of money and giving rise to the reputation that he has character issues.

  15. I’m glad to see Macay up, he’ll be able to show what he can do. It’s time for new some new pitchers.

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