1. The Braves declined to offer arbitration to J.D. Drew. I honestly don’t understand this. He would have gotten a raise but it couldn’t possibly have been as much as he’d get in the open market. The Braves are spooked by Boras. They also declined to offer to Alfonseca and Ortiz, who are also gone.

2. Jaret Wright signed with the Yankees. I don’t really get the Yankees, who also signed Tony Flipping Womack, but it hurts the Braves, obviously. Right now, it looks like the Braves’ rotation for next season will be Smoltz-Thomson-Hampton-Ramirez-probably Byrd. Ugh. The Braves will get two draft picks for Wright (one from the Yankees and one sandwich pick) but considering their record with first round picks I’m not too optimistic, especially since it will be at the end of the first round.

3. It sure looks like the Braves are, in fact, going to cut payroll again. They’re not saying this, but it’s the only explanation for not offering Drew. It goes against what they’d said before, but Giles and Furcal won’t make that much more than last year.