5 thoughts on “I didn’t notice this until today”

  1. Come to think of it, where was Skip during the division series? I followed the series on radio here in Pensacola, but most everyone on the broadcast team rotated through.

  2. I’m very glad to hear this news. I love Don, Joe, Pete and Skip, and I think they make a great team. Not so big a fan of Chip, but it’ll be interesting to see father/son work together again.

  3. Chip was good enough to do Fox games a few years back. I think he left Fox to go to the Cubbies. I guess the fans could put up with a pitiful Steve Stone, but not a passive Chip Caray.

    I think he’ll do well with the Braves. I’m glad Sutton is sticking around because he is very knowledgeable. I wouldn’t mind seeing Ron Gant move over to TBS. He’s very articulate and very knowledgeable.

    Short story on one of Gant’s sons. He played t-ball with my oldest and at 5-6 years old, he was already very good and very agressive on the basepaths. I haven’t seen him play since then (4 years ago), but would imagine you’ll start hearing his name soon. He was a natural talent and will do his parents proud.

    Did you see LaRoche made the Topps All-Rookie Team? Good for him. We might actually have a good 1st baseman for the future.

  4. Ron’s kid plays in my son’s league now. Last year he looked pretty good… not the most talented kid but easily in the top 10%. The biggest thing I noticed separating him from the other kids was his situational knowledge. It didn’t matter what posistion he was playing or what the game situation was, he always knew what he was supposed to be doing on the play.

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