Andruw traded to Oakland

Andruw Jones, Wilson Betemit, Macay McBride, and Trey Hodges were traded as part of a three-way deal. In exchange, the Braves receive Barry Zito from Oakland and Milton Bradley from Cleveland. The A’s received Andruw, Betemit, and C.C. Sabathia. The Indians will receive A’s prospects Bobby Crosby and Nick Swisher, McBride, and Hodges.

No, not really. April Fools! Though it’s plausible, isn’t it? I mean, if someone offered that trade, who would blink first? The Indians might need another major league ready player. Maybe the Indians would throw in Eric Byrnes or somebody.

9 thoughts on “Andruw traded to Oakland”

  1. From your lips to god’s ears, Mac – the Indians are going to trade Bradley within 72 hours according to wire reports. It’ll never happen, but acquiring Bradley, moving Chipper back to third and DeRosa to utility makes the Garcia joke moot and suddenly you have a pretty formidable 1-6 lineup. A fella can dream, anyway.

  2. The problem is that then Chipper would have to move back to the outfield soon to make room for Marte. I like Bradley a lot (even if he’s insane) but I don’t see it happening.

  3. haha, rich. you got me on that for a second when I read the email subject! I realised the date before I opened it though.

  4. I like bradley too, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a team like the dodgers pick him up.

  5. As I mentioned on another thread, having an excess of talent at position x gives you flexibility to address position y where you may be thin. Getting a useful OF is a lot easier than getting a useful 3B. It would be the best way for the Braves to address their short term offensive needs. I agree Bradley is not a fit here, but a hitter of similar quality added to the lineup makes this a much better team.

  6. That would be nice. Our pitching would be arguably the best in baseball from top to bottom. But the offense already is kind of thin. But this isn’t too bad.


    Especially with our pitching if we made such a trade.

  7. Trading Andruw is not plausible!

    Trading Mark Derosa, Will Cunnane, and Damon Hollins for Morgan Ensberg would be more believable…

  8. I think the Braves would definitely have done that trade if Bradley wasn’t so crazy – but I doubt the A’s would trade for Andruw. I wonder what their proprietary defensive statistics say about him.

    I think (and hope) you were using hyperbole for that last comment, Paul. :) I don’t think Andruw is such a sacred cow, though. Is he really much better than Mike Cameron all told, who signed for roughly half the salary and only 3 years?

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