4 thoughts on “Hessmania”

  1. I like Jurries (man, he was a monster in college), but don’t see him getting tabbed in Rule 5 … he’s our lil’ Brian Myrow. Buddy may get picked again.

  2. I’m not certain on Jurries either. Not to say I think the Hessman move is a good one.

    But I have noticed Jurries walk numbers have declined and his K rate has increased as he has moved up in the system. That being said, his power numbers seem to be climbing as well. I don’t think Oakland would tap him, seeing as that they have a ton of 1B/DH types on their roster and in their system, but someone like Cleveland might.

    We’ll see if Buddy or Stern get any love from elsewhere and I think Barry and Miner may also get tapped. Miner is the one I fear losing the most.

  3. Cleveland likely won’t take anybody in Rule 5 – they’ve filled their roster and may (will probably) lose a few selections.

    “Barry and Miner may also get tapped…”
    Agreed. Barry has yet to have a stint as a pro where he’s averaged less than 10K/9 and you’ve got love that FB/SL combo. I’m less sure on Miner – he won’t be taken based on accomplishments and I imagine they’ll be players with slightly higher ceilings available … but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  4. Thanks for pointing out the Cleveland situation. Looking over American League rosters, I think the only logical spot for Jurries would be Toronto and maybe either Baltimore or California.

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