So you’re George Steinbrenner…

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You’re pure Evil, and you have more money than God, and you just forced out the pitching coach that’s helped your team to a decade of huge success. Aren’t you going to offer a huge amount of money to Leo Mazzone to take his place? The story says that the Yankees’ AAA pitching coach will take the job, but…

7 thoughts on “So you’re George Steinbrenner…”

  1. How long has Leo worked in the Braves’ system? Was he one of the minor league pitching coaches when Torre managed the Braves from 1982-1984?

  2. I don’t think George really wants an independent-minded pitching coach who has sort of his own base of support and could tell Steinbrenner to shove it. (He already has Torre after all and doesn’t like it.) I think he prefers more chattel that he can push around.

  3. Leo has repeatedly stated he’s not going anywhere as long as Cox is his manager, he seems intensely loyal to Bobby.

    Of course, one never knows what a big pile of cash will do, but I think Leo expects to be thenext Braves manager after Bobby leaves.

  4. I’d also argue that Mel’s value has really been as a second bench coach, and not as pitching coach…really, who has he had to develop?

  5. Who has he had to develop in the past 10 years then? He messed up Javier Vascquez and Messina, and couldn’t get the Hernandez boys to be consistent.

    Personally, I like Mel, but since the pitching has been so inconsistent as of late, you gotta try something.

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