9 thoughts on “No. No. No.”

  1. Yeah, I’d quit too. But I will never root for the Astros. The Redsox, minus Schilling, maybe.

  2. That is the dumbest rumor ever. Remember how well-liked Kenny Lofton was when he was here last time? And Brown is NOT a Bobby Cox-type player.

  3. It sounded to me like he was just throwing crap against the wall to see if any of it stuck. Non-Braves fans have known in a vague sort of way that the Braves would like to rid themselves of Andruw’s contract, so they automatically bring his name up whenever they talk about teams needing a center fielder like it’ll be a straight salary dump.

  4. It’s a real rumor, mentioned in a number of places. I don’t think it’s from the Braves’ side, though. I mean, throwing in a prospect to get two overpaid veterans, one of whom is among the least popular players in team history?

    On the other hand, the Braves have been rumored to make a number of boneheaded trades that I didn’t believe in at the time, only to see them happen.

  5. The way I heard it was Andruw and Dan Meyer for Kenny Lofton and Kevin Brown. Which rates about 1.01 on a scale of 1 to 10 in the “Yeah, Right”-O-Meter. Keep in mind that most of the sources bringing this up are either New York newspapers, or national writers like Ken Rosenthal citing “rumors” – i.e. the ones they read in the New York newspapers.

    The only possible benefit from this trade would be not having to pay Andruw in 2006 and 2007; sure, he’s probably overpaid for those years, but his contract is far from an albatross. If the rumors swapped Chipper’s name with Andruw’s, they would be slightly more plausible, but the Yankees already have enough older, overpaid guys who can’t play defense, don’t they?

    I urge you all not to put ANY credence in this rumor. This is not Kevin Millwood redux. Go back to your regularly scheduled lives. :)

  6. Who would even want two washed up 40-year old+ players for Andruw, unless the Yankees throw in Phil Rizutto and the Curse of the Bambino (now that the Red Sox have returned it).

  7. Seriously, That would go down as one of the worst trades in MLB history. Kevin Brown obviously is past his prime, and hasn’t played a full year in who knows how long, and Lofton is all but washed up.

    I don’t even know why people are giving that rumor any credence.

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