11 thoughts on “Introducing the Smoltzometer”

  1. Mac, I thought you were in Tuscaloosa. Are you allowed to use those colors for anything in that area?

  2. I can’t use orange and blue, but red and blue is fine. I mean, who cares about Ole Miss? They’re… hyumm… fifth or sixth on the rival list, at best.

  3. I don’t think strikeouts will get you into the HOF. They are something positive. Groundball outs are much more impressive ;-)

  4. I think it’s safe to say that the Braves screwed up by keeping him at closer the past two years. Some time was needed in that role, but he is much more valuable as a starter. Thats about 200 innings he’s left in the clubhouse over those two years.

  5. True, strikeouts won’t get a person to HOF, but Smoltz may yet get in on the strength of his record as a starter and reliever, combined with his post season accomplishments. He’s not a shoe-in, not yet and probably will never be unless he pitches another ten years, but with another twenty game win season, or two fifteen plus win seasons, he’ll be reasonably close. And either way, who would you rather have in a game seven of any series? Go ahead, pick any starter out there today…me, I’ll take Smoltz.

  6. I have heard many baseball “experts” say that they believe Smoltz is a first ballot hall of famer. I personally don’t think he will have any trouble at all getting in.

  7. Smoltzometer? Sounds like some kind of foreign cheese.

    As for Smoltz and the Hall of Fame…well, it depends. He’s one of those borderline players, and though I think he deserves it I could easily see the voters being pissy and keeping him out a few years.

  8. Smoltz gtes in the HOF, maybe not first ballot. It all depends on whom he is up against when he retires.

  9. I met Blyleven before. I hung out with his son Tommy once in Orange, California when I was like 12 or something. Kind of a brat, but weren’t we all. Blyleven deserves the Hall, doesn’t he almost have 300 wins? Damn it’s tought to get in.

    Smoltz gets in the Hall of Fame and I agree with those who say it may not be first ballot.

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