15 thoughts on “You heard the judge, Rafael”

  1. Oh yeah…and if you should so happen to win baseball’s ultimate prize, DON’T CELEBRATE OR ELSE!

  2. too bad for Furcal that trachsel won’t be playing, else that’d drag the postseason on an extra day or two.

    Of course, fox always finds a way to stretch games out.

  3. We’ve got a pair of 4:00 Eastern start times here. Anybody familiar enough with the the stadium to know how bad the shadows will be? Are we looking at another playoff series where the hitters are just swinging at where they think the ball might be? It was nice of MLB to give Clemens a twilight game so he can grab some Ks.

  4. I think what Clemens needs are some Z’s. He’s walked 2 guys already with no K’s and trails 1-0. I think he and Wright have changed bodies. Wright has 3 K’s in 2 innings.

  5. Well, so far this is familiar. Braves get a run and have a chance to put some more up. Furcal, of course, strikes out. Then, a guy with no power hits a homer to tie. We are definitely in October.

  6. Even more familiar. Three more runs after two outs. Typical Brave losers in October. Think Clemens will give up four runs pitching in bad hitting conditions. I guess Wright is like everyone else that comes to Atlanta, they develop a malady called “I’d really rather be playing golf so let’s get this playoff stuff over quickly.” Anyone still think the Braves still have a chance in hell to win this series? I don’t.

  7. MWS, we’re 3 innings into the first game of a best of five game series and you are already counting the Braves out because they are down 3 runs? Mmmkay.

  8. Clemens is decidedly not sharp today. Walked bases loaded twice and managed to pitch out of it both times far. Hopefully he stops doing that! Either that, or the Astros keep hitting Wright.

  9. Well, I didn’t mean actually “hit” him (Wright hit with line drive right after I did that last note). Guess he’s okay though.

  10. 6-1 now…The saddest part of all this is the fact that Clemens doesn’t have his best stuff. We could have won this game. Looks like it’s all up to Hampton now.

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