– MLB – Recap

You could see it coming. Wright shut the Astros out in the first two innings, and the Braves had a 1-0 lead. But Wright’s control was just a little off — maybe it was the ankle, who knows? — and the Braves stranded four in those two innings. In the second, they had gotten the first two on and Wright bunted them over, only to see Furcal strike out (as he seems to do a lot in these situations) and Giles then ground to third on the next pitch. On the pitch after that, Wright hung a fastball to the Immortal Brad Ausmus (who hit all of six homers this season playing his home games in a bandbox) and it was tied. By the end of the half-inning, Wright had given up another homer and three more runs and the rout was on.

The Astros scored three more in the fifth to blow the game open, with Gryboski coming in to add the last of them after Wright was chased on the Astros’ third homer. They got one more, off Reitsma, in the ninth, and a run on an infield hit off of Cruz in the seventh.

Andruw was 2-3 with a walk and a homer. Furcal tripled and scored long after the game was decided. The Braves did get six walks, all in the first four innings, off of Clemens, only to strand them all. Garner let Clemens throw 117 pitches, which was just crazy considering the score unless he intends to hold Clemens out of a putative Game Four. Beltran left the game after getting hit by Cruz. I don’t know how serious it is.

65 percent chance of an Astro victory. Most likely outcome Astros in four.