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Well, that’s different. It’s not a bad idea at all. Boras would get five percent of his next contract, and Gary’s probably better off hiring a lawyer at a fee and negotiating himself. So what if he gets a half million less this way, he still comes out ahead at the salary we’re talking about.

He’s expecting to leave as a free agent, that’s pretty clear. Hopefully, the Braves’ ownership situation will be resolved by the end of the season and they can work out a deal.

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  1. I’m not convinced they’ll let him leave, but maybe I’m being a naive optimist. Then again, they may be more reluctant to negotiate directly with him during the season than they would have been to negotiate with an agent. More possiblity for distraction and personal animosity *shrug*.

  2. with Maddux and Sheff representing the two potential free agents with the biggest salaries, it would seem to me that letting Maddux go would allow the Braves to resign Sheff and keep payroll heading downward.

    To have that outfield intact for a few more years would be to all but ensure continued success. Sheff has clearly been our most productive player (and one of the most productive in MLB) so far this year. And the way the rotation has been going, substituting Hodges in for Maddux at a gain of 14 mil in payroll would seem to be a great tradeoff.

  3. Seems to me this is just standard contract posturing on Sheff’s part. In his heart of hearts, I think he wanted a multi-year extension yesterday. In context, his comment about leaving if they don’t talk to him before the end of the season is just his response to their telling him they don’t negotiate in-season. I think getting rid of Boras actually increases the chance he’ll re-sign (he won’t have Scott whispering in his ear about greener grass), though he’ll probably want more years (5?) than we’ll offer (3?). I hope we keep him.

  4. I hope they keep him too, but this offseason does get more and more interesting. I presume that even if Javy has a hot season overall, they’ll jettison him for the cheaper Estrada. I would not be the least bit surprised if they decide to keep Vinny is he posts a BA of .250 or better on the year. I’m more curious as to what happens with maddux, though – how does this crappy first third of the season affect his position on the market if he now turns it around? And what if he continues to alternate good starts with really bad ones. Too early to know, I guess.

  5. I think that unless Maddux uncorks 1995 numbers the rest of the way, the Braves will not want him back. They’ve weathered Glavine (and cripes, Millwood) leaving pretty well, and I can’t imagine they aren’t thinking the same would be true about Maddux. Signing Sheffield with that dough and using the Vinny-Javy dividend on 3B or a servicable starter is probably what they’re thinking right now.

  6. The Javy-Vinny dividend should go for one thing only, correcting JS’ brain fart and signing the best free agent pitcher on the market, Kevin Millwood. I agree that Maddux is a goner, unless he’s willing to take a huge pay cut (if he keeps pitching like he’s been he’ll have no choice).

  7. Mike Lowell is a FA after this year, although the Marlins may trade him before the year is out.

    Whatever Maddux gets on the market, it’s sure to be way more than he’s worth. He’s not even coming close to earning his keep this year, but he will look cost effective compared to Hampton in a couple of years:

    2006: $13.5M
    2007: $14.5M
    2008: $15.0M

    If I were Schuerholz, I’d be hoping that Hampton’s PECOTA most comparables are Darryl Kyle and Lyman Bostock.

  8. Prediction for next year: Braves will unload Maddux (and thus be able to unload his catcher Blanco) and Vinny. They will re-sign Javy as backup/mentor to Estrada (Javy will be ok with this given where he is in his career). Wilson Betemit will make the team at third base (DeRosa is doomed to be “off the bench” because he is so versitile). Starting rotation is Hampton, Ramirez, Hodges, Bong, and ?. Betemit, Furcal, Giles, Estrada in the infield and Vinny/Maddux salaries gone and low salaried starters means extra budget for the following: Re-sign Sheffield, then either move Chipper to first and buy a left fielder with a bat or buy a first baseman with a bat.

  9. Any chance the Braves take the Maddux money and try to sign Millwood this offseason???

  10. Braves must sign Shef at all costs. Dump maddux (as much as it pains me to say) and Javy (ditto). Not sure what to do with Vinny but he and Fick have been solid this year.

  11. At least Atlanta isn’t on the hook for Hampton’s salary over the next few years. They’re only having to shell out like $5M of it. That’s a great steal.

    They should do what they can to keep Sheff, let Maddux go, and promote the youth. They were lucky to have such great talent evolve at once in Smoltz, Glavine, Avery, etc. They should head back to that route.

  12. The Braves are responsible for the entirety of Hampton’s contract after next year.

    Stick a fork in Wilson Betemit, and start hoping that Andy Marte develops.

    It wouldn’t be a bad thing if the Braves did sign Millwood this offseason. But what’s the point of drafting pitching every year if you keep having to sign free-agent pitchers?

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