Looking good

Have you ever noticed how often a pitcher gets slapped around, but only actually gets removed when someone reaches on something really lame like a bloop or an infield single or a third baseman not picking up a swinging bunt?

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  1. For all of those who are on Andruw Jones, he has thrown out 2 guys at home in the first 3 innings. Score 9-3 with 0 outs in the bottom of the 3rd. I think Bobby Dews is going to come in and play catcher after the 5th inning.

  2. This is the way you’re supposed to handle Scott Downs!

    Without jinxing them, I’d like to say this one’s officially over. The only thing of interest remaining is the ‘Albert Hall watch’ with Chipper. The way this one’s going, he might get 4-5 more at bats.

  3. Randy St. Claire is going to finish the game for the Expos. I bet he can pitch better than half of the guys on the roster. He’s no older than Randy Johnson either.

    The picture on the TBS via over the High Definition over the air antenna is incredible. Better than Cable or Satellite could ever be.

  4. Not as bad as Vinny forgetting to try for the triple, but if you aren’t going to throw strikes down nine runs in the seventh, when are you going to throw them?

  5. Looks as if the Phillies and Braves will be tied going into the miniseries this week. Go Braves!

  6. Here’s my theory on the removal thing, supposing it to be true that this is more than (shared) false significance: Before the Pitcher starts getting slapped around, there’s no real impetus to take him out (unless his pitch count is getting rather high and/or he’s looking quite exhausted), so he won’t come out then. When he starts getting beaten up on, you have about three batters to hope that it’s just a little thing. Hey, Doubles and Home Runs happen, so getting bent out of shape over one isn’t always that great an idea. The little thing that sets the manager off–one thing you didn’t mention was a Walk, which also has to fit in there–is that this batter “should have been out.” You can get out of danger if you give up a couple Doubles and/or Home Runs, leaving with one or maybe two Runs on the board, but only if you can get those “should be out” guys out. And the manager snaps when you fail at that one, too, noticing that, yeah, that string of four Doubles there wasn’t just a fluke.

    At least, that’s my cocktail-napkin theory…

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