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Things looked bleak there for awhile, but the Braves got a sixth-inning game-tying solo homer from Adam LaRoche and a seventh-inning two-run shot from Marcus Giles and coasted from there. Russ Ortiz had a very odd start, allowing two runs on only one hit in the first, then not allowing another hit. He did walk five, but struck out six, leaving with two out in the eighth with 118 pitches thrown. (I don’t know if that was such a super idea.) Smoltz pitched to the last batter in that inning, in a two-run game, then pitched the ninth with the lead up to four, getting the save.

LaRoche had a perfect day, going 2-2 with two walks, scoring an insurance run in the eighth. Marcus’ homer, his first since coming off the DL, was one of his two hits. Drew had a homer in the first; Thomas had two hits and is up to an even .400 on the season.

The Phillies beat the Mets and the Marlins lost. The Braves are still a game out of first, but now two up on the other two contenders. John Thomson pitches tomorrow in the last game of the series, which amazingly will be on TBS. Then it’s a two-game miniseries with the Phillies.

4 thoughts on “Atlanta 6 Montreal 2”

  1. I know none of us think Charles Thomas can keep this up, but he’s really been on a tear hasn’t he? Seems like every recap Mac posts has a line like “Another good night for Thomas” in it.

    As unlikey as it is, part of me almost believes he may almost be this good. (Well y’know what I mean, no one is .400 good, but good y’know?

  2. Mac, isn’t it time to put up an ”Andruw DP watch” or something?

    Seriously, I think it’s time to give Andruw a few days off. I’ve had it with his lackluster hitting lately, and his mechanics at the plate are obviously wack at the moment. Give him some time off to rest his ailments, have him put in some more time in the batting cages, and hopefully that’ll get him back on track.

  3. I agree that Andruw’s inconsistent performance at the plate can be frustrating to watch, infuriatingly so, but I also think that he’s one of those players who tend to lose focus when there’s an absence of pressure–e.g., playing the last-place Montreal Expos. Look for Andruw to pick up the pace again during next week’s games against the Phillies. Bobby’s working with him one-on-one in the batting cage, so maybe that will get things going.

  4. I’ll be at the Tuesday night game against the Phillies near the first row in left-center. I’m hoping for a blowout similar to today’s Expos game. Maybe the Braves can sweep the miniseries and steal first place…

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