2 thoughts on “YAWN”

  1. If not a big hit, how about a big play? Marrero just threw out Cabrera at the plate.

  2. Not a bad job by Marrero on the catch and throw-em-out double-play. He seemed determined to try and win it himself tonight but just didn’t get enough cooperation from the bats behind him. Manzanillo got Andruw out again to end a scoring threat only this time it was on a long liner to right instead of on strike three swinging. Again he ran into the dugout like it was game seven, but I think that’s just his style. So the Braves lose this one. I don’t feel so bad about this one because they didn’t just go out with a whimper like so many other losses this season. They actually were in it to the final out. They may have found new life in their recent three game streak.

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