It’s pretty much impossible for any single player to win a game by himself. It’s sure possible for one to lose one, however, especially if he’s a starrting pitcher. Hence, Eli Marrero and Mike Hempton.

Marrero had a tremendous game, going 3-4 with a three-run homer (which opened the Braves’ scoring and tied the game at the time) and a double, and also threw out a runner at the plate. Hampton walked in a run in the first, then allowed two more runs to score in the inning. And after Marrero had tied the game in the fourth, Hampton allowed two solo homers in the fifth to give the Marlins the margin of victory.

The Braves had eleven hits, but left runners on all night, including seven in scoring position; there were two runners on base when Julio popped out to end the game. I don’t like to point my finger in this instance, but Nick Green’s 0-5 hitting second hurt a lot. Eddie Perez’s pathetic old man hanging around for one last paycheck schtick didn’t help matters either. Estrada pinch-hit in the game; I assume his leg is hurt enough that he’s having trouble crouching.

The Braves did get good bullpen work from Gryboski, Alfonseca, Reitsma, and Cruz. Yes, Cruz pitched the ninth in a one-run game. I’m as shocked as anyone.