Braves get Reitsma, send Bong to Reds

He overpaid. The Braves sent not only Bong, but also Bubba Nelson, to Cincinnati for Chris Reitsma? Is this some sort of karmic thing, where Scheurholz has to make a bad deal for every good deal? Does he own stock in the Reds or something? Bong and a minor prospect for Reitsma is one thing, but Bong and your top starting prospect?

On top of that, by trading Pratt and Bong on consecutive days, the Braves have no lefty depth left, leaving them with Almanza and Nitkowski only.

Reitsma’s a pretty good pitcher. The 4.29 ERA is a little skewed because of some bad starts. As a reliever, his ERA was 3.51. (On the other hand, he didn’t get hurt by his ballpark — he was actually far worse on the road.) That being said, he might be better off as a starter, long term.