ajc.com | Braves | Schuerholz suggests possible infield shake-up

John Scheurholz:

“We know Furcal is going to be a shortstop, put it that way.”

Everything else is up for grabs. Please, please, please get rid of Vinny. I don’t care how. Give him an anchor job on Headline News. Make him president of Cartoon Network. I don’t care. Just get rid of him. They’re trying to trade him, but who would want him? Chipper could move back to third; I don’t know who’d play left field under that scenario.

First base possibilities include Derrek Lee (yay!), Travis Lee (boo!) and Fred McGriff (I don’t know!). There’s also a Marcus Giles-for-Brett Tomko rumor, but I doubt it.

Second base isn’t mentioned, nor is the dreaded L-word. Maybe DeRosa would play there?